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2021 Pictures

All team and individual pictures will be taken during our opening weekend games on Saturday, May 8.  Each team will get pictures taken before their first game that day.

If you need a copy of the individual/team order form, please click download below.

Picture Schedule - Saturday May 8

Pictures will be taken at the old Stark school next to the fields.  Here are the picture times for all teams on Saturday, May 8:

8:15am - Baker T-Ball

8:30am - Summers T-Ball

8:45am - Duis T-Ball

9:00am - Mollberg T-Ball

9:15am - Scrimshire T-Ball

9:30am - Desenberg T-Ball

9:45am - Griffin 8u BB

10:00am - Dombrowski 10u BB

10:15am - Goodrich 8u BB

10:30am - Krueger T-Ball

10:45am Open Break

11:00am - Becvar 8u BB

11:15am - Ruff 10u BB

11:30am - Phillips T-Ball

11:45am - Lopez T-Ball

12:00pm - Lange 12u BB

12:15pm - Kutemeier 12u BB

12:30pm - Mollberg 10u Soft

12:45pm - Trowbridge 8u Soft

1:00pm - Austin 8u Soft

1:15pm - Baker 10u Soft

1:30pm - Ely 12u Soft

1:45pm - Reiter 14u Soft

2:00pm - Colglazier Pony

2:15pm - Baker Pony

2:30pm - Ramey 12u BB

2:45pm - Singleton 12u Soft

3:00pm - Kuhn 8u Soft